Tesla Arrives in Rwanda: Local Car Dealer Avails Electric Vehicles

Tesla Arrives in Rwanda: Local Car Dealer Avails Electric Vehicles


KIGALI, Rwanda – In an unprecedented move, AUTO24 Rwanda, a leading local car dealership, has officially made Tesla vehicles available in Rwanda, marking a significant milestone in the country’s journey towards sustainable transportation. The introduction of Tesla Model Y vehicles on Friday, March 22, comes on the heels of a spirited campaign by AUTO24 to encourage Rwandans to transition from traditional gasoline-powered vehicles to electric ones, underlining the dealership’s commitment to fostering eco-friendly mobility solutions.

Ivan Ruzibiza, AUTO24 Rwanda’s Country Manager, shared his enthusiasm during the official presentation of the first two Tesla Model Y vehicles, emphasizing the dealership’s dedication to electric mobility (e-mobility) as the transportation of the future. He highlighted the Rwandan government’s supportive initiatives to promote electric vehicles (EVs) and attract investment in this burgeoning sector.

“The Tesla Model Y has become a luminary in the electric vehicle realm since its debut in 2019, thanks to its impressive driving range, cost-effectiveness, and spacious interiors that can comfortably accommodate up to seven passengers with additional configurations,” Ruzibiza stated. He expressed optimism that the Model Y’s unique features would endear it to the Rwandan market just as it has captivated a global audience.

Tesla’s Model Y achieved a remarkable milestone in 2023 by delivering 1.2 million units worldwide, surpassing the Toyota Corolla to become the year’s top-selling vehicle globally. This achievement underscores the growing appeal and demand for electric vehicles, with the Model Y leading the charge.

Ruzibiza highlighted the myriad benefits of electric vehicles over traditional internal combustion engine vehicles, including lower energy consumption, reduced maintenance costs, and a superior driving experience. He stressed that opting for a Tesla or another electric vehicle not only contributes to a cleaner environment but also enhances the nation’s value in carbon credits.

AUTO24 Rwanda is committed to offering a diverse selection of 100-150 electric vehicle models to cater to the varied needs and budgets of Rwandans. Ernest Bugingo, the Automotive Commercial Director at AUTO24 Rwanda, echoed the global trend towards electric vehicles, with the Tesla Model Y leading the way, driven by environmental concerns and technological advancements.

The dealership has priced the 2024 Tesla Model Y Long Range at $58,000 (approximately Rwf74.1 million), with prices subject to change based on additional customizations or features. The Model Y boasts a host of standard features, including LED lighting, a 15-inch touchscreen, luxurious synthetic leather seats, and an array of safety features, powered by a 78.1Kwh battery that offers a driving range of 660km on a single charge.

AUTO24 Rwanda, operating under AUTO24.AFRICA, aims to expand its presence across Africa, promoting the adoption of new and pre-owned vehicles with a focus on sustainability. With the backing of the Africar Group and STELLANTIS, AUTO24 Rwanda is at the forefront of the electric mobility revolution, making high-quality, eco-friendly vehicles accessible to a broader audience in Rwanda and beyond.


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