Nairobi Chosen as Headquarters for African Clubs Association Following NBA Africa’s Move

Nairobi Chosen as Headquarters for African Clubs Association Following NBA Africa's Move


In a historic move, the Confederation of African Football (CAF) announced yesterday that Nairobi will be the official home of the Headquarters of the African Clubs Association (ACA). This decision comes hot on the heels of another significant development, as NBA Africa unveiled its new office in the bustling Kenyan capital, further solidifying Nairobi’s growing status as a hub for sports administration on the continent.

The announcement by CAF underscores the city’s strategic importance in fostering collaboration and growth within the African sports landscape. The decision to establish the ACA Headquarters in Nairobi reflects a commitment to decentralize key sporting institutions, providing opportunities for diverse regions to play a more prominent role in shaping the future of football in Africa.

CAF President Patrice Motsepe expressed his excitement about the decision, stating, “Nairobi’s vibrant energy, coupled with its strategic location, makes it an ideal choice for the headquarters of the African Clubs Association. We believe that this move will not only strengthen the ties within the African football community but also open up new avenues for collaboration and development.”

The news comes just a day after the National Basketball Association (NBA) inaugurated its Africa office in Nairobi, marking a significant milestone in the NBA’s efforts to expand its footprint on the continent. The NBA Africa office is expected to serve as a central hub for the league’s various initiatives across the continent, including youth development programs, partnerships, and fan engagement activities.

The dual establishment of the ACA Headquarters and NBA Africa’s office in Nairobi signals a transformative era for the city and the entire African sports scene. Nairobi’s growing reputation as a sports administration center is not only a testament to its infrastructure and connectivity but also reflects the city’s commitment to nurturing a conducive environment for international sports organizations.

Local authorities in Nairobi have expressed their enthusiasm for the developments, recognizing the potential economic and social benefits that the presence of these prestigious organizations can bring to the city. Nairobi Governor Johnstone Sakaja commented, “This is a momentous occasion for Nairobi and Kenya as a whole. The decision by CAF to choose Nairobi as the home of the ACA Headquarters is a vote of confidence in our capabilities and a recognition of the city’s growing influence in the world of sports.”

The establishment of the ACA Headquarters is expected to bring various opportunities for the local community, including job creation, increased tourism, and the potential for collaboration between African football clubs and international stakeholders. As the city prepares to welcome these prominent sports entities, the anticipation is high for the positive impact they will have on the local economy and the broader African sports landscape.

In conclusion, Nairobi’s selection as the Headquarters of the African Clubs Association marks a new chapter in the city’s sporting history. With the recent addition of NBA Africa’s office, Nairobi is poised to become a key player in shaping the future of African sports administration, fostering collaboration, and driving development across the continent.


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