Donald Trump and Afric

Donald Trump and Afric


It is not too unsubstantiated a claim to argue that Donald Trump has no kind feelings towards Africa. Who…or rather what is “The Donald”, as he is commonly referred to, anyway? The Donald is a molecule: two atoms of Hitler for every single atom of Lady Gaga’s attention seeking streak. The world last witnessed such loud ignorance in……wait, the world has never seen such repugnant behavior. Donald Trump’s character is a peculiar concoction of unadulterated hatred, unapologetic ignorance, blatant racism and a mouth best kept shut. It is not a surprise that the whole world is talking about him, yet that is a failure on its own because that’s exactly what The Donald is hoping for. One question that Africa and the rest of the world has is this: just how worse will his hateful rampage get?

What has Donald Trump got to offer the world that it does not have enough of right now? Unfortunately nothing! Politica is said to have fabricated statements it claimed were quoted from an Indianapolis interview by Donald Trump. Of course, most people now know the statements to be inaccurate but the nature of Trump’s campaign for the White House has been so vindictive and villainous that not many people doubted the authenticity of the diatribe. 

“In my opinion, most of these African countries ought to be recolonized again for another 100 years because they know nothing about leadership and self-governance.”

So went the quote with many other signature Trump reckless rantings like, “ I promise to make America great again by restoring our dignity that we have since lost through Obama. The more reason why I still believe that he, and his Kenyan brothers and sisters should be deported back to Kenya to make America safe.”

These statements have not been verified to come from Trump himself but judging from his conduct, they might be a reflection of his guiding principles. Political might have inadvertently exposed the mind of The Donald.

It is not too long ago when Trump, in one of his speeches that always border on a public meltdown said, “there is no such thing as racism anymore. We’ve had a black president so it’s not a question anymore. Are they saying black lives should matter more than white lives or Asian lives? If black lives matter, then go back to Africa. We’ll see how much they matter there.”

Is this part of the policies he seeks to implement together with banning Islam and building a wall along the Mexican border? Trump is known to have liked a white supremacist’s tweet and exhibits various strains of the xenophobic and racist tendencies of the Ku Klux Klan. When asked to explain himself, Trump said, “It is impossible for me to be racist. I employ hundreds of Blacks and Mexicans as maids in my Trump Tower hotels.”

Dear world, is it not sensible that this man should wake up one day in a strait jacket? He might not have said he will deport Kenyans but indeed he did suggest that African Americans leave the United States. He assumes he is a native of the United States of America yet that nation’s natives were so brutally massacred, and he is a beneficiary of a dark past. Pretending white people own America and blacks should go back to Africa is absolute ignorance of history and basic communication skills. Here is a bleeding soul with more hate than reason.

NBC’s last straw with Trump came when he went out of his way to attack Mexicans claiming the country did not send its best but sent people with problems and these were the people who brought drugs, crime and were rapists. Similar attacks have been levelled at the Islamic community which is being blamed for all acts of terrorism. It is therefore easy to see Mr Trump’s claim that Africa is the home of bad examples and corrupt tendencies. It is not out of character to imagine him advocating for a 100 years of further colonisation of Africa. The reason that people would even use his name to publish such diatribe is simply that he has the capacity to go that far.

We do not know if Americans will be crazy enough to give this manpower to do as he wills. He is an instigator, a hate infested and vindictive warlord of the 15th century lost in the modern world. Even if he loses in the presidential race, he has managed to polarize the society in America and the world over. We have all felt the Trump effect. The worrisome bunch are actually the normal people who take Trump seriously and follow him around shouting that African Americans go to Africa just like their father, Donald Trump. At least one supporter was given an answer fit for him at a recent rally in Cleveland. He was told, “Y’all brought us here!” Another felt it was not enough and jumped in, “Go back to Europe.” 

This is the man who hopes to hold one of the world’s highest offices polarising the world on grounds of race and encouraging hate towards people of African descent.


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